Not sure how to style your wedding venue? Here a few of my top Wedding Venue Styling Tips…

Beginning to create, design and style your wedding can be so exciting and a chance to get super creative and put your own style and personal touches to your day.

However, with so many ideas and opinions out there it can start to feel a little overwhelming.  Maybe you don’t know where to start or perhaps feel a little lost?

Let’s get back to basics and re-focus with these Wedding Venue Styling tips.

Keep it authentic

I know this is easier said than done but try not to worry about what everyone else is doing.  Rather than comparing your ideas to others, whether it be your friend’s wedding or wedding trends you have seen on Instagram, try to trust your own instincts and keep it authentic to you both.

Pinterest is fantastic for inspiration and great tool but may make you doubt your already made choices and lose valuable time. Keep things personal, perhaps think of your favourite travel destination, book or film, your favourite scent of flower or candle, the food and music you like. This way you can create a memorable day that is completely you and your style and not end up looking like everyone else’s.

Don’t fight the venue

Try and work with the colour scheme you have around you and choose a complimentary palette. It may not be what you originally envisaged but the result will be much more cohesive and stylish on the day than if you tried to ignore the bold curtains! Use different tones or muted colours and different textures to blend harmoniously with the items around you.

If you must have a certain colour then perhaps consider a more blank canvas venue where you can start from scratch.

If the space is feeling large compared to the guest list make a feature of the things around you, like the enhance the fireplace with beautiful blooms or  hanging installation from the ceiling  but leaving empty space around them.

Wedding venue styling tips

Create a relaxing and inviting atmosphere

Creating a relaxing and inviting atmosphere is always a top priority for me when creating and designing a wedding, for both you and your guests. As important as how it looks is how it feels when you walk in. This involves all the senses, the scent of the candles to the feel of the linen, the light in the room.

Creating a calm, comfy lounge space where Grandma can relax on the sofa later, blankets for when the night gets cooler, and flip flops for tired dancing feet.

Using a variety of different lighting is also key, fairy lights or festoons from above, hanging lanterns, candle light on the tables, using different levels helps to create a cosy atmosphere.

Ask questions from the get-go

Ask what is included with the wedding venue. The chairs, the tableware, the linen perhaps, this could save money if they have items that compliment your ideas and mean you don’t ned to hire those things in.

Don’t assume that the venue will say yes to all your ideas, however fantastic they may be. This is especially important in period properties, so check before you set your heart on the hanging flower installation or booking fireworks.

Wedding Venue Styling Tips