You have started to gather ideas for styling your wedding day and have heard that many couples are now choosing to hire a wedding stylist.

Why do I need a wedding stylist?

Handing over responsibility to a Wedding Stylist means both you, your friends and family can focus on what is important during the run up to the wedding day and on the day itself.

A wedding stylist allows you to sit back, stay calm and be inspired throughout the designing and styling process as you are excited by creating a day that is all about you. While each element is being thoughtfully designed and carefully curated, you are updated regularly along the way with the details.

Hiring a wedding stylist means you can fully enjoy your wedding day, knowing that the look and feel of the day is in safe hands and everything will be perfectly placed when you arrive.

Your stylist should take away the stress so you can enjoy the celebration!

Who uses a wedding stylist?

No longer just for the A list couples, more and more modern and style conscious couples are choosing to use a wedding stylist to create a unique and  stylish wedding day.

These couples feel that look and feel of the day is an important part of the wedding day and therefore apportion their budgets to reflect that.

What is included in a wedding stylist’s service?

This can really vary depending on the stylist.

  • Some wedding stylists may have ready-made style packages with some non-negotiable elements. If you have your heart set on a wedding day which is unique to you, you should consider a stylist who will design a bespoke wedding experience that will style elements which mirror who you are.

  • A good stylist will want to really get to know you, finding out about your personal style, tastes and preferences and match the whole look and feel of the day to that. They will be responsible for everything visual and bringing together all the elements such as flowers, cake, stationary, cutlery, linen, decoration etc.

  • A great wedding stylist will create a design concept and make a bespoke and exclusive mood board to design and style the look and feel of the wedding day.

  • Your stylist will extensively research, design and source all visual wedding elements.

  • A wedding stylist will help you choose from trusted suppliers which will be the right fit for you and create a cohesive feel to the day.

  • A good stylist will liaise with suppliers during the process and on the wedding day itself.

  • Your wedding stylist will style your venue on the day making sure everything is perfectly placed and just how you want it when you arrive and the day after clear it all away.

  • A great stylist will be creative, artistic, passionate and full of inspiration, with a desire to create a day that is all about you.

What are the benefits of a wedding stylist?

  • Saves time

They absolutely save you time. Depending on the style of stylist this could be from concept, design, sourcing all the individual elements, liaising with suppliers and most importantly time wise, setting up they day before, tweaking the fine details on the day and the take down on the day after when you will want to spend those precious moments with the ones you love.

  • It could save you money

A Stylist should know what works visually and what doesn’t, from the lighting to colour schemes, the tablescape, the stationary, this could save you possible mistakes and perhaps buying things twice. They may suggest focusing on certain features to amaze your guest and save the money on other smaller items.

  • Experience and expertise

A great stylist will be passionate, creative and full of inspiration for you, bringing extraordinary ideas you might never have imagined.

They will be an expert in styling and bringing your vision to life. They may come with a knowledge of design to enable them to balance all the details in relation to the big picture. Usually, they come with a network of suppliers they know and trust from there experience in the industry to help the day run seamlessly. Their experience and expertise make a calm but inspiring experience for you.

It is important to find a stylist you feel comfortable with and you will enjoy spending time with during the process.

Is hiring a wedding stylist worth it?

A wedding stylist will take away so much stress and allow you to relax knowing that all that everything will look and feel incredible when you arrive.

Apart from the experience and ability to take it to the next level visually, your wedding stylist will bring a uniqueness to your wedding day that reflects your style and is utterly you.